Serenity ... What's That?

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I'd do him, that's for sure!

Okay, I swiped this one from my friend Patrick's blog.

You're Will Turner - Lovestruck swordsman, funky hat, too pretty by far. You're loyal, honest, courageous... and a pirate. Lucky Elizabeth.

Which POTC character are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

Star Trekkin' across the universe ...

Okay, so it's not an official blog quiz or anything, but it was darn fun and helped up my geek quotient. Heck, just the fact that I said quotient ought to have done that!!

I was Kirk :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The star of my show

Connor splashing it up in the sun n' surf of Corpus! Posted by Hello

Warning: Super Proud Mama Report!!

My kid is awesome. Might as well just get that out in the open right now. Cool thing is, I'm not the only one who thinks so. Not even the only family member who thinks so. He's regularly commended for being such a good kid, for his good manners, his gentlemanly behavior ... and lest you think he's some namby-pamby sissy boy, the kid is also a mean shot with the paintball gun, could have strategized Napoleon to victory and can lift some pretty decent amounts of weight. Oh, and he throws a mean spiral!
Yesterday I find out he's been voted Bobcat's best by his fellow classmates. Each teacher's class has a Best Boy and Best Girl - no, they don't get Oscars. Nevertheless, it's a very cool honor. They get a breakfast, an award, all sorts of excellent things.
Today I learn that he's been voted the entire 5th Grade's best Citizen!! How cool is that? What a great guy. I'm very, very proud of him. Sheesh, this house could be seen from space, we're all beaming so proudly! There will be an extra game in this for him, I'm sure. (Hey, nothing wrong with a little incentive to get good grades. 5 years of straight A's, you know. Okay, there was that ONE darn B a couple of grading periods ago, but still...)
Great job, Connor, we're all very, very proud of you!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Goodbye 34

I love my birthday. Mostly because it's not just a birthDAY, more like a birthMONTH. It even spills over into March. How cool is that? Free lunches, funny birthday cards, great gifts and most of all I am reminded over and over again how many people care for me. What an awesome feeling.

It's true, I'm totally spoiled. Heck, I even have a business card that says I'm a queen, though I share the title of co-queen with my friend Gina. But it's a good kind of spoiled, I think. The kind that makes you really appreciate who you are, who you've grown up to be and who you will still evolve into. Not long ago, someone told me I'm a people collector. I suppose that's true. Heck, I count my ex-husband as still one of my close friends. I think everyone has something unique to offer me and I like to believe that in some way I affect them, as well.

I know recent experiences have shown me that there is so much more depth and passion out there than I ever truly thought possible. That goodness and honor are cornerstones to which aspiring is not only admirable, but actually achieved. I'm a romantic by nature and I wear both my heart and my rose-colored glasses proudly. Hope springs eternal within me (to borrow a phrase) and I see the possibilities of a wonderful future in all things and people around me.

I'm loving this journey and one more year on the birthday belt is just one more notch of achievement and collecting. I said it before, 35 ought to be darn interesting.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Quelle Surprise

Yes it's late, but my kid did his report (due tomorrow!) on the wrong thing, so he's re-doing it and I'm waiting up to make sure he does the right stuff this time. Meanwhile, I'm cruising the net and found this nifty quiz.

I can only imagine the grief I'm going to get over this!

You are French
You are a Parisian.

What's your Inner European?
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Geeky is as Geeky Does

I was talking to a good friend of mine today ... well, explaining really what happend to Jean Grey at the end of X-2. When I finished, he said "You do realize how totally geeky that is you know that, don't you?" Unfortunately, I had no good rebuttal as this was NOT the first time I'd been caught by said friend exposing my inner geek. I seem to recall more than one ST conversation that I participated in.
So, here now, for allllll the world to see is my geek/nerd score. But before you laugh, scoff or otherwise bring it on, take the test yourself and see just how geeky YOU are!

I am nerdier than 72% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

So, it's a little late at night to be saying that, but I had a great one! Took a vacation day, spent all day with my kid, lazed around, played some Diablo II, wrote... yep, one heckuva day. Hope everyone else's day was just as awesome!

Thanks for being such a great date, Connor.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Transcendent Reflections

Not to be confused with transcendental meditation or however the heck you spell that. Lately, I've been in a weird sort of mood. I have a birthday coming up (feel free to shower me with birthday wishes!) - it's a big one and while I love my birthday cause it's all about me, this past year has been filled with all sorts of poignant moments and times for reflection.
Times of trying to step back, let go and watch what has to happen actually happen. Cheering for the good stuff - mine, my friend's, my family's good stuff - and working through the not so good stuff.
But as I get closer to this birthday, I step back and really look at my life and the things I've accomplished, the things I'm trying to accomplish and the joys I've been blessed with. Sometimes I wonder how I managed to get so lucky and at others I wondered what the heck I've done to deserve some of the stuff that's happened to me. I'm no angel, that's for sure, but I don't really think I'm evil con carne either (that's a cartoon network joke).
My boss has this expression about transcendent moments. They're days or moments or happenstances that occur out of the blue and totally make you feel happy/giddy/ridiculously smiling every time you think about it.
And I realized that in the last few years I've had lots of joyous moments, lots of precious snapshot times that make me grin ear to ear and just giggle to reminesce. But in the last five years there has only been one transcendent moment. One. In five years. That ratio sucks.
So, for my upcoming birthday, I think I'll put my wish right out on the table for all to see: I want more transcendent moments. That's not asking too much is it? It doesn't take a lot to make me happy, and I know what it takes to make me transcendent.
Now to just connect the two somehow.
35 ought to be interesting. Stick around and find out.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ah ... Superbowl Sunday

First, a moment of silence for the absent-Cowboys (and the non-induction of Michael Irvin into the Hall of Fame thanks to those idiotic, biased East coast sportswriters)

I love Superbowl Sunday. Heck, I love football period. And baseball. Hockey, too. But not basketball. Blech, how boring. But I find all the stuff they do for the game to be nearly as interesting as the game and the commericals themselves. Anyone notice how some of the absolute best writing these days is usually found in beer commercials? I mean, come on, the guy at Budweiser who hijacked the miller lite ref commercials is a genius! And raise your hand if you still answer the phone sometimes with a whazzzupppp? :)

Some of the fun things to do until the game include watching all the marathons the other channels show. This year someone (not sure who) is doing America's Funniest Home Videos. An homage to American idiocy, ingenuity and downright silliness (which the world could use some more of). After watching a spot that involved some poor guy tangled up in the rings while trying to do a dismount on the gymnastics side, my mom told me a similar story about my brother when he was about 6 or so. Apparently, we were swinging, he was wearing a coat and wrapped his hands around the chain, then tucked them into his pockets. I, darling two year old that I am, am swinging next to him.
Back and forth. Back and forth. He's kicking the leaves with his feet, I'm just swaying. He swings faster and faster until suddenly... flip! Poor kid goes butt over feet and ends up hanging upside down on the swing. Stuck because his hands are tangled up in his pockets.
Back and forth. Back and forth. He's now sweeping the leaves with his head, I'm just swaying.
Mom looks out the back window and sees all of this happen. After she finishes laughing, she comes out to rescue him.
Ah, family, aren't they great?!

Speaking of family, my kid keeps bugging me to put something on here about him again. tsk, tsk, careful what you ask for Connor.

We recently found a huge stash of videotapes that we took from the time he was born until the camera broke when he was about 5. Poor thing, nothing since then. He's so neglected ... oh wait, you haven't seen the thousands of digital camera files we have of him!

Anyway, one of these tapes just follows Connor around the house. He's about four. Getting into things, talking (he's ALWAYS talking!), stuffing a pillow, mooning the camera.

Huh? I rewound the tape and watched it again. Sure enough, in about a 90 second spot, there's his little hiney, pjs dropped, wagging in the air and Grandma is taping all the while telling him to pull his britches up. Connor looks around, grins and says "take a picture of my butt!" He then proceeds to wiggle it again. When asked where he learned to do that, he says "from Steve."

Now, if you know my family, you probably know Little Steve Welborn. And his affinity for dropping his drawers any and everywhere! what's a mother to do?

Thank goodness I haven't seen that particular full moon in quite a few years - and no Steve, that's not an invitation!!

Well, it's back to getting ready for the Superbowl. Go Pats! I don't care if Philadelphia is in our league, they absolutely can not win this game!!!