Serenity ... What's That?

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Two in a row

So the end of February might seem like an odd time to makea New Year's Resolution, but what the heck, we all know I'm anything but conventional.

Have a couple of business things to address: Mr. Obermiller (that would be Steve, for those of you keeping track, the guy performing next Wed, the 8th at the Blue Neon) also has a kickin' CD for sale. In his words a mere $5! Let me know if you're interested and I'll get you a copy. I do have to say it's a damn fine CD. Not that I'm predjudiced or anything :)

Second, hugs to Christopher the ailing. Poor thing sounded sicker than an asthmatic cat with a hairball when we talked tonight. Mom & Dad say hi and why the hell don't you call them once in a while?

Third, most of y'all know about "the disaster". Well, it's been fixed and my stylist (Yes, she's mine now) did a darn tootin' good job! It took her three separate cuts to fix it properly, but she did it. I lost so much hair it's not even funny, but I've gotten lots of good feedback. Might post a pic sometime. Who knows. Anyone remember me with short hair? Well, it's not really short, but it sure ain't the long locks I used to have. C'est la vie, n'est pas?

So back to this resolution of mine. Susan & I are working on this thing called the Artist's Way, sort of a journey back to your creative self. It's worked pretty good so far. And one of the things such a journeyman(woman) must do is write every day. Yeah, technically, I should be using this time to write on my new story (which I adore, btw) but instead, I'm enjoying a second glass of wine and Steve's CD. Did I mention those are for sale? Cheap? C'mon, you gotta admit you're curious. Especially if I'm talking about it. Call me. Email me. Leave me a comment. I'll make sure you get your copy. Boy, that second glass hit me kinda hard, I'm even more rambly than ever.

Okay, so this writing thing hasn't worked out for me this past year and a half, but since working with the Artist's Way I've been able to identify some key issues and work on resolving them. Hence, my heretofore newfound ability to plot a book all by myself. Wow. Astounding.

Now on to writing it. Eventually :) Hey, I didn't say I was cured. I've got lots of things I'm working on this year: I want to work out more, lose more weight, date more (yeah, okay, that one's up for debate since I've heard a nasty rumor you actually have to leave your house in order to do that. So not ready.), write more, be a better mom, go to more Ranger games, enjoy the heck out of a new season of my newly found sports enjoyment - soccer. Can you believe it?! Went to a few games last year and rediscovered the joy of professional sports played for the love of the game, not the love of the money. If you remember the old days of baseball and even 70s Cowboys football, you'd get a kick from the natural high of being in Pizza Hut Park cheering on FC Dallas. Even if you're pretty much clueless about the rules. I really need to find someone who can explain them to me properly...

Apparently my blather content increases with my alocohol consumption.

What else am I working on this year? Patience, and I don't mean the song by GNR (who, incidently, Christopher told me will be playing in Ireland in June. Same place where they shot the video for ... ummm, one of the videos whose title escapes my zippy and blurred mind at the moment) Patience does not come naturally to me and it's one of the things I find most annoying about myself. And no, that's not your cue to tell me what annoys you about me! I snap at Connor sometimes for no reason (sorry, Bear) and I want this book written NOW. I want an answer NOW. Hell, I want lots of things NOW. None of it is happening. So, to combat this relentless itch to have it now, I'm practicing certain new age mumbo jumbo techniques. Most of these involve music and not one involves illegal substances :) Just in case you wondered.

So, wish me well, peeps, in my quest this year. It can only benefit us all!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

First post of this year? Wow...

Yeah, well, things have been up and down so I haven't felt like posting. Sue me :) Actually, I've been writing in my journal more than here, cause that kind of stuff is not for public consumption.
Besides, I don't really have a whole lot to say right now. Nothing I want to share at any rate.
Told ya, I'm being boring. Snooze city, that's for sure. The only thing that's happening is Wed. the 8th when my good friend Steve Obermiller will be performing as a showcase artist at the Blue Neon in Fort Worth. Show starts at 8! Look, it's not even MY life that I get to write about. Sheesh... This is unacceptable.
How about - mom duties! Yeah, that's the ticket. Connor has started fencing lessons! He's really digging it, even though they haven't (and won't) get to actually work with the foils for another week. The instructor wants to make sure that they are comfortable with the foot movements before she lets 'em have a go at it with weaponry.
Anything else to report? Umm, yeah. I can't believe I forgot about this. Most of y'all know it already, but I had the bird flu to ring in the new year. Not a good omen, huh? It was truly the most horrid illness I think I've ever experienced. Ugh. At least it wasn't the kind that'll kill you (quoting my doc there). In fact, here's how she told me I had it: "You're very, very sick. You're highly, highly contagious." (please note her lovely use of double emphasis words) "You have Type A Flu, which is a version of the bird flu, but don't worry, it's not the kind that'll kill you!" Geez, you think she could have started with that part!!!
Anyway, I'm much better now, but damn, it sucked the big one!!

Baseball tickets for opening day go on sale March 4. What a perfect day for the new Rangers season! It's all about the optimism, right? Right!

So the scuttlebutt this year was supposed to be that Connor & I were going to Europe and do the whole fun thing, but we've decided to wait and save more money for next year so that we can go with absolutely clear minds and fat wallets! Instead, I'll be going to conference in Atlanta in July. (Yes, I rejoined RWA now that the censor Nazis have been ousted - buncha panty wads disgracing the name of diva). Oh, but I'm so not bitter about that, can you tell? I hate that I missed out on a good portion of the year, but I'll be damned if my money was going to subsidize the censorship and ruination of anyone's career, especially over something MOST authors have no damn control over. Whatever.
Getting past that... eventually ... I'll be with my best pal Susan Gable and we're going to really tear up the town. Both of us are ready for fresh new writing starts. We've changed quite a lot in our professional writing lives and I think we're both on the brink of something very very fun. I plan on it being a bang up trip! And profitable. She'll come back with an agent and I'll come back with a request for the book I've finished! Finished, you hear me? Um, yeah, I'm still writing the book, but I am an optimist, damn my eyes.
Some days I wish I could be unemotional and completely devoid of outside attachments (read: MEN SUCK, related ones excluded)but we all know that is so not me. Good grief, I give new meaning to the term girly girl.
But if there was one aspect of myself I could change (and believe me, I NEVER thought I'd say this) it would be that I wouldn't be so emotional. I now envy those people who are able to remain aloof, who can cut someone to ribbons without blinking an eye. I've suffered a lot in the last year, at the hands of friends and lovers, and believe me, I wish I could be the uber-bitch in those situations. But friendship excuses and forgives most things. And love, despite our fervent wishes, sometimes never goes away.

Blech. Enough of that crap, too. Boy when I whine, I do it up good, huh?

I hope to have one other trip planned this year: Christopher and I's high school, Zweibrucken American High School is having its annual renuion in San Antonio. I am so there! It will be great to mingle with other brats and hopefully see a bunch of the Texas brats we've got here. If you're a Trojan and don't know about the reunion, check it out on the site: Hey Chris, got the newest newsletter and they've got almost all the yearbooks on CD! oooohhh....

Okay, go back to sleep, peeps and maybe next time I'll have something of real value to dish on - but I wouldn't hold my breath or anything.