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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The "Classics"?

Has anyone's tween/teen suddenly discovered the joy of 80s sitcoms? And some 90s stuff, too. Thanks to Nickolodeon the kiddo has become enamored of Full House and Home Improvement. And ABC Family can be thanked for introducing him to The George Lopez show and Whose Line is it Anyway? I completely ignore the fact that he gets way too many of the jokes on Whose Line!!
To be completely fair, he does also like the original classics like the Andy Griffith Show, but really, there's nothing like listening to the Power Tool Hoedown!
So, I sit and listen to "Ar! Ar! Ar!" (Or however the heck Tim Allen does that) and crack up over Fresh Prince (cause yes, I still find Will Smith adorable and funny) all the while shaking my head thinking "Have Mercy" (and if you get that, you know what you watch, too!)


  • At 7:47 AM, Anonymous Susan G. said…

    LOL. My son had the DVR completely FILLED with Fresh Prince episodes. We have to clean it out to make room for new shows. And he also loves Tim Allen's show. So yeah, the shows we laughed at back then are having a very healthy second life with our kids.


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