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Friday, February 18, 2005

Goodbye 34

I love my birthday. Mostly because it's not just a birthDAY, more like a birthMONTH. It even spills over into March. How cool is that? Free lunches, funny birthday cards, great gifts and most of all I am reminded over and over again how many people care for me. What an awesome feeling.

It's true, I'm totally spoiled. Heck, I even have a business card that says I'm a queen, though I share the title of co-queen with my friend Gina. But it's a good kind of spoiled, I think. The kind that makes you really appreciate who you are, who you've grown up to be and who you will still evolve into. Not long ago, someone told me I'm a people collector. I suppose that's true. Heck, I count my ex-husband as still one of my close friends. I think everyone has something unique to offer me and I like to believe that in some way I affect them, as well.

I know recent experiences have shown me that there is so much more depth and passion out there than I ever truly thought possible. That goodness and honor are cornerstones to which aspiring is not only admirable, but actually achieved. I'm a romantic by nature and I wear both my heart and my rose-colored glasses proudly. Hope springs eternal within me (to borrow a phrase) and I see the possibilities of a wonderful future in all things and people around me.

I'm loving this journey and one more year on the birthday belt is just one more notch of achievement and collecting. I said it before, 35 ought to be darn interesting.


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