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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Okay, a day late and a dollar short, but heartfelt nonetheless. We celebrated Mom's bday last night with gads of presents and cards and rejoicing. It was fun! And no one even mentioned the fact that only "real" Paytons are born in the month of October. Yes, you heard it hear first. My brother tormented me relentlessly while growing up with the notion that only real members of our family were born in October (Um, I was born NOT in October). This, he assured me, proved his point that I was adopted or left by gypsies (which I believed until I was 9!) or that my parents felt sorry for me and took me in. I still believe it was all an elaborate payback from when I was like 15 months old and walked on his electronic football game and broke it!
Anyway, happy birthday Mom, I love you!!! I hope you had a great day :)
Your REAL daughter, Jen


  • At 10:30 AM, Anonymous Mom said…

    Thank you, love, yes I had a gread birthday! I feel special now that I got 2 sets of wishes in 3 days...ooh, la, la.
    Well, as I always told you regarding your "adoption" at least, YOU were wanted!!!! just kidding Chris, as you well know it.


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