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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Demented Pull of Reality TV

If you're addicted to Reality TV, raise your remote! And tonight features two of my all time favorites - American Idol and Celebrity Poker Showdown.
I can't sing - though I inflict my family quite often. Especially my poor mother (Hi Mom!) when we're in the car. Think trapped. No way out. Automatic locks! Of course, I must add that Mom can whip out a mean rendition of In The Still of the Night! And she's an originator of the misheard lyrics phenom. Way, way, way, way back in 50-something France, she thought Buddy Holly was singing Baby Shoes instead of Peggy Sue.
Hey, it's better than a douche in the night!
As for poker, I'm learning how to play from my ultra-cool big brother (Hi Christopher!). And he doesn't even cheat me. Really! I went to his house for a real, cash only poker night with the guys and promptly got crowned the chip bully. Coolness...
Off to flip channels. Amazing Race 6 is on, too!


  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You’ve done it this time, GIRL!!
    This is your mom speaking, and let me tell you a thing or 2 about this deal:
    1.English ISN’T my first language.
    2.Peggy and Sue weren’t names that I was familiar with in my early years, Baby and Shoes seemed like a good substitute for them at the time. Worked for me. Beside, your father, being the gentleman that he his, didn’t correct my mistake, he knew better than to remonstrate OR, and that’s probably more like it, he was planning on having fun with it for many years to come. It worked, didn’t it?
    3.It was in the 60s, not the 50s (don’t try to make me older than I am.)
    4.You’re in a heap of trouble now…..GO TO YOUR ROOM, GIRL!
    5.I still love you! :)

  • At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, you can't send her to her room! Wait, maybe you SHOULD send her to her room - and then she can WRITE SOMETHING - that's not a BLOG - while she's there. (g)

    Guess who?

    PS - Love reality tv even if it isn't real. (g)


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