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Monday, January 24, 2005

Wow, so this is the world of blog

A good friend of mine (Hi Patrick!) first introduced me to blogs. I found myself hooked. They're great little snapshots into the minds of very, very interesting individuals. But I never figured I'd do one. I'm a little too open about things. (Read - can't shut up or what the heck did she just say?!).
But alas, here I am. Creating a blog.
A little about me ... My name is Jennifer. I'm a writer. Okay, a wanna be writer. Seriously pursuing suits me fine. I've written 10 different manuscripts and can't begin to tell you how many rejections I've had. I target romance. A minor aside to rant here: There's a line out there specifically targeting the 20 somethings that touts itself as the end all be all super sexy read. Coolness. Sounds like fun, since I love to read and write said sexy stuff. Did you know you could get rejected for being too sexy?! Huh, me either!
Where was I besides blathering ...
I'm a single mom raising an 11 year old going on 35. Seriously. Trust me, you'll read a lot about Connor in this blog. He's my favorite thing in the world. My current great story about him involves Connor, his dad and a movie. Few weeks ago, dad calls to tell me he's taking the kiddo to the movies. I, being the curious (read nosy!) mom that I am, naturally asked what movie.
Team America.
'Scuse me? Team America?! No!!
But after much debate and denial, dad, new wife (whom I adore - I get custody of her if they divorce) and kiddo go to see Team America.
Connor's commentary? Funny. Inappropriate, but funny.
Gotta love it. The new tagline running around the house is "Why not? He's seen Team America!"
Okay, I'll stop. For now. :)
I'll just put this up there and see if it sticks.
Go easy on me, now ... I'm a newbie!


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