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Monday, October 22, 2007

With a bang! And hopefully some bucks

So, I decided if I was seriously going to get back into writing, I needed to go all the way. To that end I did several things in recent weeks which include finishing the revisions on a requested book and sending it in, plus entering the Brava Novella contest (hopefully my button shows up! A special thanks to Sylvia Day for it!) I have been writing faithfully and am about half done with the 2nd requested book and will be entering the RWA Golden Heart (Trust me, all of this stuff is muy bueno!). Anyhoo, wish me luck - someday you might get to say you knew me when... even if you don't get to read what I wrote!


  • At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Susan said…


    And I know what all that stuff means.

  • At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Mom said…

    Good luck, sweetie and I probably won't be reading those books.. well, maybe..and then again? etc., etc.


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